Monday, January 5, 2009

Thousands at Melbourne rally for Gaza

Melbourne's 2nd rally for Gaza was held yesterday, drawing up to 10,000 people.

The Australian media downplayed the figures to 1000 - 3000. However, Melbourne's The Age also reported a turnout of 3000 at Tuesday's rally, and as someone who attended both, I can assure you that yesterday's figure was much larger. The images below speak for themselves.

A small counter-demonstration of 100 pro-Israel supporters was held around the corner from our large rally. Emotions ran high at the rally yesterday, and police did well to ensure that the two sides did not meet.

Australian politicians were also present at the rallies. The Australian Greens had an MP representing their party at the pro-Palestinian rally, whilst the conservative Liberal and Labor-right factions made a show at the pro-Israel counter-demo.

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