Sunday, January 4, 2009

The invasion begins

The above image is of a child watching his mother die.

Expect a lot more to come as Israeli tanks roll in with Apache helicopters firing blindly behind them.

And early indications from rival media appear to be conflicting:

Israel's Haaretz
, quoting IDF sources, have stated that dozens of Hamas militants have been killed.


Iran's Press TV quoted Hamas officials as stating that 5 Israeli soldiers have been killed and up to 30 wounded.

Who to believe?

One thing is certain, and that's the insurmountable toll Israel's invasion is having on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas have also traded barbs.

A report from Israel's Jerusalem Post states that members of Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction, which is quietly praying for an Israeli victory in Gaza, have been detained in Gaza by Hamas out of fear of a possible Israeli-enforced coup.

However, Fatah police have violently cracked down on pro-Hamas Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, fearing the same thing ... a Hamas-attempted take over of West Bank.

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