Monday, January 5, 2009

Norwegian doctor in Gaza: No humanitarian aid


Anonymous said...

A fact often missed is that the Israeli Defense Ministry stubbornly refused to employ or even test technological means to intercept the Kassam rockets fired from Gaza.

To make a long story short, Israel refused to protect its attacked citizens with a C-RAM system based on the Phalanx canon or a laser canon. Both said to be tested successfully in Iraq for similar aims.

There were serious public objections to this policy, even a semi-campaign led by the Haaretz newspaper to at least try one of these weapon systems but the MoD stood firm.

Why? Some says the MoD is afraid that using these systems will harm future export of a currently developed anti-missile missile system called Kipat Barzel. This system has already proved unsuitable for intercepting Kassams due to its very long response time.

Another theory is that the Kassams provide an excuse for the Gaza siege and a campaign of "targeted assassinations" against the Hamas. This campaign already took about 1000 lives before the current war started. Hiding political interest behind humanitarian concern seems to be a trait of both Israel and the US.

Antoun said...

Very interesting.

I recall reading an article several years ago stating that Israel was trying to develop a system to intercept Hezbollah's Katyusha rockets.

Rockets do give Israel an excuse for the siege, but I don't think Israel would go to the lengths of deliberately maintaining Hezbollah or Hamas' arsenal. If Hezbollah/Hamas vanish tomorrow, the Israelis will find another excuse to hide behind.

It is also important to note that there will always be resistance to Israeli rule. If Hamas disappears, a new movement will emerge in its place.