Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Israel massacres 40 children at UN school

Main story in Australia's The Age.

Another massacre bringing the total death toll to 660 Palestinians, including 215 children and 98 women.

The Israelis can kill, slaughter children, starve, bulldoze, lobby foreign governments, all in the aim to drive every Arab out of Palestine. But they will fail.

Venezuela has expelled the Israeli ambassador, whilst Egypt prevents doctors from entering the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues to send rockets deeper into Israel, one landing 30km south of Tel Aviv, while diplomats scramble for a cease-fire.

The Israelis have surrounded major population centres, but are refusing to enter them, fearing urban warfare will bring heavy IDF casualties. Hamas has withheld its main battle strength by attempting to lure the IDF into street battles, where it believes it can inflict the most damage.

And now British and German diplomats have announced that Israel has given its conditions for a cease-fire, whilst Syria - playing the international spokesman for Hamas - has announced that the Islamic movement is also prepared to make a deal.

Will Hamas get the blockade lifted?

Is Israel conceding that it can't destroy Hamas?

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