Sunday, December 14, 2008

YouTube goes Zionist?

According to the Palestine Think Tank, YouTube has become the latest casualty to the Zionist media munchers.

The online revolution has forced the Zionist lobbies in the US and across the world into overdrive.

It's much easier to influence traditional media streams, such as newspapers and televisions, by twisting the genitals of a few editors and CEOs.

But the internet has posed a problem for Zionists, where millions of people have become their own producers of media content. All of a sudden, the truth about Israel, its violations of human rights, its war crimes, its institutional racism, and the behaviour of its extremist supporters in our own Western backyards, began to seep out.

A lot more difficult to influence millions of self-proclaimed "editors" who produce their content from their bedrooms.

So the plan of responsive action is to control the sites that diffuse the content, i.e. YouTube and Google. I knew the greatness of Google would be short lived. Eventually, right-wing Jewish and Christian fundamentalists i.e. Zionists would spoil the party.

There's only one source of free speech left to conquer for the Zionists ... the blogosphere.

Are we next?

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