Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gaza massacre

Human suffering must precede all political, religious or economic interests.

Israel has maintained a policy of aggressive belligerence since its inception 60 years ago. It cannot continue like this, we cannot accept an Israeli massacre of Arabs every few years. Hatred breeds hatred. Generations of Arabs will not forget the suffering inflicted upon them by Israel. History needs to be appreciated. Every power falls.

Israel will not maintain its balance of power in the region forever. History has taught us that old wounds rarely heal. Should the day come in 200 years where Israel finds itself at the knees of the Arab world, the Arabs will not forget the atrocities of today.

News from the world:

"Israel should be shunned like South Africa" - George Galloway at a London protest against Israel's onslaught, as the UK and Europe harden their stance against Israel.

It is incredibly difficult in this age of technology for Israel and the West to justify the Jewish state's actions whilst cameras, images, videos and live blogs stream through the internet, mobile phones, iPod etc. It is very easy to gain a true understanding of the conflict, without using the traditionally pro-Israeli maintstream media.

Angry protests against Israeli terror have also been held in France, Canada, and throughout the Arab world.

Israel bombs Islamic University in Gaza - Body on the Line

The true story behind Gaza is not the one Israel is telling - Johann Hari (The Independent)

"Barack Obama refuses to stake out his position" - This is a dilemma for the president-elect, as highlighted in The Australian.

Despite maintaining a pro-Israeli line during the elections, Obama's call for change in the Middle East, his desire to engage Iran and Syria, and actively pursue a peace agreement has him at odds with the hawks in Tel Aviv. Israel appears to be doing all it can to complicate the situation in the Middle East, and hopefully torpedoing any hope of peace in order to stall Obama.

Obama is keeping silent, as he should. If he comes out with a Bush-like pro-Israeli line - and you can bet AIPAC is currently hounding his transition office for such a statement - Obama will immediately alienate the Arab world, and his European allies before he even arrives into office. It's best he keeps his mouth shut, or at most take a soft "we are concerned about the loss of life" line.

Egypt and Hamas exchange fire at Rafah crossing - from Reuters.

Mubarak is digging his own grave. The Arab public already resent the pro-American dictators and monarchs that are scattered throughout the Arab world. The Arab states are polarised between Iran and the US, but the Arab people are not.

For the Arab public, Palestine continues to instill passion and anger. The daily sufferings in Iraq and Palestine, aired constantly in its most graphic form on pan-Arab TV, enrages Arabs. When Egypt and Saudi Arabia openly supported Israel's war on Lebanon in 2006, polls returned showed a massive popularity boost for Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah in the same countries.

But Egypt's open complicity with Israel in the massacre of Gaza is unforgivable. The co-ordination has been exposed and exploited by Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, who have led a campaign to ignite Arab public anger at Egypt's leadership in a move that will isolate Mubarak and Saudi Arabia in the region. Hezbollah has called for massive protests in Egypt against Mubarak.

The patience of the Egyptian people is already wearing thin. A repressed country whose leader cannot move in the country without an army of vehicles surrounding him. Mubarak's role in the suffering of Palestine may be the last straw.

Mubarak's complicity has also drawn criticism from Egypt's opposition.

UN condemns Israel - Sydney Morning Herald

Nothing out of the ordinary. As I stated in the case of the UK, it is very difficult for world powers to conceal Israeli atrocities in the face of new media. For many nations and peoples in the world, Israel is already a pariah state. The only obstacle in making this status official is the United States.

Strong condemnation has also come from Israel's main Muslim ally, Turkey.

Eyewitness: Australian human rights activist in Gaza - ABC News

Many innocent have died, according to eyewitness Sharon Lock.

Jewish and Palestinian lobbies clash in Australia - ABC News

40 years of failed Israeli policy - Rami Khouri

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