Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live blog from Gaza

For a live, eye-witness account of Israeli's war on Gaza, please refer to the following blog:

Gaza Today - Sameh Habeeb

I have also added it to my list of live feeds on the right hand-side, although it has no word for a title, but instead "...".

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Anonymous said...

1. Israel, including the Gaza Strip, is located in the Middle East (maps provided below). She is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the West, Lebanon to the North West, Syria to the North East, Jordan to the East, and Egypt to the South West. The Gaza Strip is located in the South West corner of Israel bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the West, Israel to the North and East, and Egypt to the South.

2. Modern Day Israel was established in 1948 in accordance with international law.

3. Gaza, which is part of Biblical Israel, was acquired by Modern Day Israel in the defensive 6 Day War, which occurred in 1967. Israel successfully, albeit with casualties, fought off Syria, Egypt, and Jordan whom were all trying to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

4. Under the order of then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (whom has been in a coma since January 04, 2006) Israel withdrew entirely from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. The most expressed rational defending this move was that the territorial concession of Gaza to the Arabs would lead to Peace. Arabs had been demanding that Israel withdraw from Gaza among, literally, the entire country. A significant amount of Arabs still call for the destruction of Israel.

5. After winning a democratic election in the Gaza Strip beating out their rival Fatah the Hamas terrorist group seized control of Gaza in June 2007. That means that a majority of those out of the 1.5 million people in Gaza who voted supported a known terrorist organization.

6. Prior to withdrawing from Gaza in 2005 Israel had to endure 179 rocket attacks against her. In the year after Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip Arab terrorists fired 946 rockets against her- a 500% increase.

7. After negotiations brokered by Egypt; Hamas and Israel agreed to a 6 month cease-fire on June 19, 2008 which was supposed to last until December 19, 2008. During this “cease-fire” 215 rockets were launched against Israel from the Gaza Strip.

8. Israel had observed the truce down to the letter and at the end of the “cease-fire” Israeli officials publicly voiced their yearning to extend the agreement despite continues rocket attacks against her. Hamas had simultaneously issued statements that they would not extend the “Cease-fire” because Israel had “not respected the truce”.

9. In response to suffering for over 8 years due to having over 4000 rockets fired at them; over the course of the last 10 days Israel has been waging one of the most morally just, humanitarian oriented, militarily impressive defensive wars with the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip and has managed to keep civilian casualties lower than anyone could have possibly predicted in one of the most densely populated areas of the world.

10. A) The overwhelming majority of those that have been killed by what is called “Operation Cast Lead” are Hamas terrorists and not civilians. B) A percentage of the remarkably small amount of civilians that have been killed had been ordered to hover around potential sites for IAF (Israeli air force) attacks to raise the number of “civilian” casualties. C) Hamas purposely operates within or near civilian centers such as Mosques, schools, playgrounds and ordinary neighborhoods.