Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sameh Habeeb - live account from Gaza

Photos courtesy of Palestine Think Tank.

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After initial fears for Sameh Habeeb's safety, the Gazan blogger is back relaying live accounts of the ongoing Israeli massacre. I implore all to read his blog, Gaza Today, here are a few excerpts from his latest post:

Tuesday morning two female children aged 4 and 11 years killed in North of Gaza while they were on a donkey-driven carriage. The bombing of these children debunks the Israeli allegation of only targeting Hamas militants. They were bombed by High-tech F16 in daylight.

A boat sailing from Cyrprus to Gaza loaded with 3 tons of medical aids was not far away from Israeli army fire. The boat was hit despite it was not loaded with weapons for Hamas which is clearly deflate the Israeli propaganda. The boat was exposed to fire of Israeli naval gunboats and partial damage took place in the body of the boat. The relief boat still in the territorial waters and it's seeking a seaport to anchor.

The death toll has reached 390 with more than 1,700 injured, 2 hundreds are in critical conditions while there is a severe shortages in medicines. Medical sources announced a collapse in medical sector and Gaza hospitals. Muhamad El Khozndar a doctor at Al Sehfa' hospital said on a local radio station that Gaza hospitals are no longer working properly. Bandaging stuff, medical tools, medical machines and general cleaning unavailable at the hospitals. Additionally, windows of the hospitals crashed due to a nearby bombings hit a mosque.

Add to that, it is very dangerous for people to leave their house in search of food supplies. Any mobile car, bicycle or walking persons turned to targets for Israeli military machine.

*Many houses shelled in the early morning in the North of Gaza. Victims of the north area are 60 alone.

*Neither fuel, nor gasoline nor Benzin in Gaza. Power cuts up to 21 hours.

*Israeli navy fired on the dignity boat and hurting it. The boat was to deown and now it has gone to Lebanon ports. The boat was loaded with 3 tons of Medical aids needed to Gaza hospitals.

*Medical sector collapsed in Gaza. Doctors request medical airplane to evacuate wounded people who are slowly dying. Only 10 wounded left to Egypt due to lack of Ambulances equipped with ICU.
*Windows of Al shifa' hospital destroyed in bombings nearby while stormy and rainy weather in


greatwallofchina said...

It's sad to see the situation but there is a Chinese saying: don't do to others what you don't want others do to you! So if the people want peace then tell the stupid Hamas to be peaceful with the Israelis. The whole world knows they are a bloody bunch of terrorists and terrorism is a word the whole world hates. So please go and tell the Hamas to spend the money and funds (assuming there is no corruption whereby some chunk of the money are in some Hamas' pockets) on the welfare of the people instead of bombs, guns and rockets. This is a situation the Hamas has brought upon the people, not peace as now the people are screaming for but suffering as a result of the terrorist acts of the Hamas!
Happy New Year!
great wall of china
(I'm a Chinese not a Jew and moslem terrorists have murdered some innocent Chinese!)

Antoun said...


I believe you will find that phrase throughout many civilisations. Jesus Christ also said "treat others as you wish to be treated".

Anyway, I think you're making the error of lobbing all conflicts involving Muslims into the one basket. The separatist movements in China, that have cost the lives of Chinese, has absolutely nothing to do with Palestine.

Hamas, whether we like it or not, was democratically elected. I understand democracy is an elusive concept for those in China. Israel did not accept the election results, and has imprisoned Gazans in a blockade that has been condemned by the UN, and several human rights organisations including Amnesty International.

So no, the whole world isn't blaming Hamas, but instead blaming Israel for its collective punishment of the Palestinian people and continued oppression.

Happy New Year to you!