Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UK Diplomat arrested over anti-Israel remarks

Freedom of speech seems to be dwindling in the UK after a senior UK diplomat was arrested after cursing Israelis at a gym whilst watching coverage of Israel's massacre in Gaza.

The diplomat, Rowan Laxton, repeatedly said "f$%^ing Israelis" and "f$#@ing Jews".

He was arrested on charges of inciting religious hatred. Laxton faces a maximum sentence of 7 years, simply for expressing his revolt at Israel's slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

The amount of times in my life I've been called a "f@#$ing Arab", whoever knew I could have had these people arrested and tossed in jail? Would it have reached the newspapers as well? I wonder.

This comes in addition to the continued uproar over the Catholic Church's decision to accept into its fold an apparent Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson. Why is this still a crime? To the dear Bishop, do know that Jesus was also persecuted for speaking against the "law". Discourse, free speech and truth have no limits.

I have never researched the Holocaust to know whether 6 million Jews were thrown into gas chambers or not. It never really interested me because I have never placed Jewish suffering on a pedestal. When I refer to World War II, I take into consideration that many Jews were killed in Europe, along with millions of gypsies, communists, Poles, Czechs, Slavs, 20 million Russians, and so forth. Tiny Belgian and French villages were razed to the ground during the Nazi withdrawal, and millions of Koreans and Chinese were subjected to the horror of Japanese rule.

Why do numbers count in death? What is the difference between the deaths of 20 million Russians and the massacre of a small French village? The only truth that stems from World War II is that it was a human catastrophe that had far-reaching impacts on countries and communities across the globe.

The Jewish community have done an excellent job at placing their suffering above the sufferings of all others in World War II, but that shouldn't prevent those who share a passion for history to investigate the truths behind 60 years of Jewish sensationalism.

All historic battles and events are openly debated, this is what historians and people who have an interest in history do. Why is this an exception when it concerns Jews?

In the Commonwealth there's only two kinds of people above the law ... the royal family and extremist Jews.

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