Thursday, February 12, 2009

Arab reaction to Israeli elections

The above picture, taken from friend Marcy Newman at Body on the Line, sums up the Arab indifference to Israel's elections.

In the eyes of the Arab world, the Israeli contest pits the murderer against the fascist.

Although, pro-peace Jewish blogger Jerry Haber claims Bibi's formation of an extremist coalition with Lieberman's fascist party will make it easier for the Obama administration to exert pressure on Tel Aviv.

The West's mainstream media is foreseeing an upcoming confrontation between the hardliner Netanyahu and Obama. Even his immediate rival, the butch Tzipi Livni, has stated that the Likud leader would "not get along" with Obama.

However, the "ugly face", as Jerry claims, makes a great pushover.

I hope he's right, but like every Arab, I remain cynical. Nothing will change.

Israel's entire political establishment is made up of major parties who share the same racist, Zionist ideology that seeks to purge historical Palestine of its indigenous and Arab character. Their only difference is in "style", not "substance". Labor offered a carrot in front of cameras, but behind the spotlight it built more settlements than any other government.

Likud is more honest with its Zionist roots, and hides no shame in front of cameras. It kills and will say why it kills ... because it considers Palestinians an inferior breed that must be made extinct.

Welcome Israel's new leadership, and another guaranteed term of bloodshed and destruction.

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