Thursday, February 12, 2009

Israel's "existential threat"

Can the electoral victory of Israel's fascist Lieberman, who has vowed to expel 20% of the country's population (Israeli-Palestinians), alter long-term trends as outlined by former CIA analyst, Ray Close?

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I think there is another latent existential threat. It is the deep anxiety, based on gradually evolving rational analysis, that Israel will eventually (not immediately, but within a generation) become much less important to the United States than it is (or appears to be) today; that the American people and the US Government will jointly come to a realization that Israel is not, after all, biologically attached to America by a permanent umbilical cord;

I think this deep dread, never articulated, contains a closely related anxiety: that increasing numbers of upper-class American-oriented Israelis, despairing finally of ever enjoying a peaceful and secure lifestyle for themselves and their descendants in a homogeneous Jewish society, will abandon their fading Zionist dreams and emigrate to the United States, where they don't have to worry about those goddamn A-rabs, and where the age-old bugaboo of anti-Semitism is no longer a factor in any American Jew's life. If I were an Israeli, THAT would be my nightmare


theFool said...

This article reminds me so much of a post I wrote a while back on Israel's identity.

Antoun said...

I have posted on this topic several times in the past year also.

It's a positive sign when academics, journalists, bloggers and anyone with an interest in the Middle East can see the inevitable reality.

The lesson for Israelis lies in the fate of Nazi Germany and South Africa's white regime ... fascism doesn't last.