Saturday, January 12, 2008

March 14 attack Fairuz

Fairuz, angel of Lebanon, ambassador of peace, adored by all Arabs and beyond, has been criticised by March 14 for planning a show in Damascus.

"Those who love Lebanon don't sing before its jailers," March 14 member, Akram Chehayeb stated.

This is a disgraceful attempt to shame Lebanon's most beloved star and politicise her status.

During Lebanon's civil war, Fairuz flew to every corner of the world to sing for Lebanon and the Lebanese. She was the beacon to the millions of Lebanese who struggled outside of the country, and within the country, as a result of the war. She provided hope, she represented the light in dark times.

In a time when each political side was slaughtering each other, Fairuz stood tall, refused the politics and the war of the country, and sang for every corner, ensuring each Lebanese, Christian and Muslim, pro-Israeli and pro-Syrian, felt a sense of belonging.

March 14 has attempted to strip Fairuz of that status, attempted to destroy the beacon, which is an insult to all Lebanese.

Of course, it is not the first time Fairuz has received criticism. During her Australia tour 20 years ago, the Lebanese Forces sent a death threat to Fairuz if she sang songs for the Palestinians. Fairuz rejected the death threat and sang for the oppressed, Palestinian and Lebanese. However, she has never returned to Australia. Today, the Lebanese Forces are an active member of the March 14 alliance, the same movement now trying to damage her reputation.

Fairuz' reputation cannot be damaged. Her symbolic stature to millions of Lebanese cannot be eradicated.

Another bad move, March 14.


C.B said...

i know about kataeb trashing the rahbani offices, but did they realy threaten to kill her in australia for singing about the palestinians?

man, I am a lapsed catholic
but I really hate those fascists and french wannabes in LF and Kataeb.
the sad thing is that alot of the maronite community seem to sympathize with such views.

Pity the nation as Khalil Gibran said.
His poetry predicted more of Lebanon's fate and future than anyone could of ever comprehend.
Surely ahead of its time.

C.B said...

excellent blog