Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blast a warning to Bush

Yesterday's "ineffective" attack on a US embassy vehicle should be interpreted as a clear message to Bush during his visit of the Middle East ... his plans aren't working.

There's no point trying to dissect who was responsible, for as a result of Bush's neocon policies of the last 7 years, the amount of groups willing to strike any American target any where in the Middle East has multiplied.

The point that must be taken from this attack is that America's enemies in the Middle East are plentiful, are willing to carry out attacks directly against American targets, and are capable of doing so.

The attack on the US marine base in Beirut roughly 25 years ago was quickly brought back to the conscience of the Americans. Today's attack may have been ineffective in the sense that it didn't claim American casualties, but I assume its purpose has been greatly served ... to instill fear within the US that American lives are not safe in Lebanon.

Will this amount to a change of policy from Bush? Hardly. Thousands of American soldiers have already fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the good President hasn't lost any sleep over it yet.

However, what it will show is that there is a great resolve and determination from America's enemies not only to thwart its plans in the region, but to ensure that the US is not immune from direct attacks in this conflict.

As American news cameras follow Bush around the Middle East, this was another snapshot incident attempting to make a fool of the US President and his mediocre efforts to push his allies against Iran.

Judging by the media's reaction to the blast, I guess it worked.

My sincere condolences to the families of the three innocent civilians struck dead in the blast. Once again, it's the innocent that pays the price for the devil's game.

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