Friday, January 11, 2008

Joke/Quote of the day ... Nayla Moawad

Right-wing MP, member of March 14, and wife of an assassinated president, Nayla Moawad, sent me to tears today with a very classic, naive line continuously propagated by Lebanese leaders.

Speaking to AFP regarding Amr Moussa's visit to Beirut to push the Arab plan, Nayla gave some interesting thoughts:

"I am not very optimistic about his (Mussa's) visit, especially in light of the attempt on UNIFIL, the rocket attack on Israel and Shaker al-Abssi's threats."

Nayla's referring to a bomb that targeted a UNIFIL vehicle, an anonymous ineffective rocket attack on Israel, and threats by the supposed extinct Fatah al-Islam, all in 48 hours.

This was her follow up line, which has come this blog's Joke/Quote of the Day:

"These are all bad signals and everyone knows who is behind them: Syria,"

I couldn't help but return such a comment with sheer ridicule. At the same time it saddens me that such ignorant people are in charge of our country's destiny. Why do we enable the fools to control our future? Who will believe such naivete? Are we Lebanese so dull that our leaders take us for complete ignoramuses?

At times I feel March 14 leaders give Syria more power than what is due.

Syria has spent the last two days explaining to its Arab peers that Damascus cannot force Hizballah - its closest Lebanese ally - to toe its line, and has no contact with the main Christian bloc in the Opposition, Michel Aoun's FPM. While Syria is proving its demonstrated weakness in Lebanon, Nayla comes out with the great comment that epitomises the March 14's entire mentality - every problem on earth is a result of Syria.

What Lebanese leaders do so poorly, yet constantly get away with, is deflect the real issues plaguing the country by coming up with those same ridiculous lines as shown by Nayla. "Syria is behind all our problems", or from our comrades in the Opposition "Israel is behind all our problems".

The stark and horrible truth these very leaders will dare not reveal is that actually the Lebanese are behind all of Lebanon's problems. In other words, our inept, corrupt, greedy politicians are the problem of Lebanon. Nayla, you're the problem of Lebanon.

Of course, you'll never hear that from a politician.

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