Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Compromise candidate blocked, France furious

Kouchner stormed out of a meeting with Hariri yesterday fuming. Efforts by France to push the two Lebanese camps to agree on a candidate has been blocked, leaving us further away from an agreement before the November 24th deadline.

The French FM couldn't keep his cool:

"I want to know who is blocking and who will take responsibility, but I say to you ... that the one who takes responsibility for having blocked this process agreed by everyone, will carry the responsibility for the destabilisation of Lebanon and its regional consequences," he said.

Kouchner stated that even the Syrians agreed to their compromise candidate, suggesting that Hizballah was in agreement also, so who blocked the consensus? Reuters hints at rival Christian leaders. We know Michel Aoun is angry about not being chosen president, but he wouldn't part from his alliance with Hizballah over it, or would he? Perhaps it was Samir Geagea, it's not the first time he has prevented his March 14 colleagues from reaching a deal with the Opposition. Or was it an external source, perhaps the US?

Again, it wouldn't be the first time the Bush administration would've faced accusations of hindering diplomatic efforts in Lebanon, but I'll hold my breath until more is revealed about les rendez-vous de Monsieur Kouchner du weekend.

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