Thursday, November 22, 2007

Annapolis round-up

Although punters were quick to dismiss Annapolis as a waste of time, it appears these talks have a lot on stake. All sides are handing gestures, while exercising their muscles in the background. If the talks do not lead to at least a continuation of dialogue in the region, then conflict may be the only other alternative.

US to allow Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda

Diplomatic to-ing and fro-ing between US, France and Syria. Annapolis, Lebanon, Golan, all cards are on the table. But the question remains, who will play which hand?

The Syrians and French are showing signs that they are co-operating on the presidential issue in Lebanon, and now the US has given the green light for the Golan Heights to be put on the Annapolis agenda. Do all these sudden gestures mean Syria will be attending Annapolis?

Israeli military warns of annexation of Palestinian territories should talks fail

In the meantime, Israel's military is warning of pandemonium consequences should the US conference fail. The IDF will be pressing ahead its reasoning to annex the Palestinian territories if the talks fail. Failure to provide Abbas a concrete deal to present to his people could bring disastrous consequnces to the Palestinian Authority, the IDF warns.

Likudnik hawks attempt to undermine peace summit

[Excerpt] Hard-liners associated with the American Enterprise Institute and Freedom's Watch, a bountifully funded campaign led by prominent backers of the Republican Jewish Coalition, among other like-minded groups, are mounting a concerted attack against next week's meeting which they fear could result in pressure on Israel to make territorial concessions.

The Who's Who invitation list

Forty-nine countries have been invited to Annapolis, check the list.

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