Monday, November 19, 2007

Ban-ki-moon has his hands full in Lebanon

Image courtesy of the Blacksmiths of Lebanon.

The Blacksmiths have placed forward Charles Rizk as their preferred compromise candidate, stating that Rizk has the character "to preserve the Lebanese peoples' drive for sovereignty, to tackle the issues that will dominate that drive over the next six years, and to do so in a fashion which could, once and for all dispose of the tainting and sidelining that has plagued the Presidency since that fateful extension in 2004."

Perhaps, Rizk would be the ideal middle man. He was a close Syrian ally during the Baathist reign over Lebanon, but has demonstrated an even-handed approach under the pro-American Siniora.

I haven't exactly placed my preference for the Lebanese presidency, because essentially it's highly irrelevant. Neither the US nor Syria will get their preferred candidates in charge, which more than likely means a nobody who simply occupies the post for aesthetic purposes will assume the role.

Neither the US nor Syria are in the mood, or showing any willingness, to allow a president to test their patience. That suggests to me that any compromise candidate will do as advised, and keep his mouth shut.

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