Monday, March 3, 2008

Israel targets civilians in Gaza onslaught

Israel's indiscriminate attacks on civilians in both Palestine and Lebanon are not second news to anyone.

In fact, deliberate killings occur quite frequently in Palestine, they just rarely make the headlines. It's only when Israel decides to wipe out over 100 in a weekend does the world take notice, which quite incidentally is overshadowed by the constant reminder that 1 Israeli civilian has died in the clashes.

We're quite aware that Israel is a racist, Apartheid state functioning on extreme right-wing principles that considers its people as the chosen ones. We have the infamous ultra-Orthodox quote of "1 million Arabs do not equate a Jewish fingernail" to remind us of our little worth. But to have this mirrored in the Western corners of the world, the countries that claim to uphold human rights and equality, is a constant disgrace.

I did say in a previous post that we ought to stop looking to the West for answers, but respect for humanity is not too much to ask.

The world stood by as I saw Lebanon burn and 1200 civilians buried with it in 2006. Israel deliberately targeted civilians, and I have my two eyes as my witness. Israelis bombed every truck and ute they saw on the road. They claimed that they were targeting weapons being transferred in the truck lorry. However, what I saw were not burnt out lorries, but burnt out cabins. In fact, whatever was stored in the lorries (which weren't weapons) was left virtually untouched, but the cabin was burnt with a deadly fire along with any humans within it.

Let's not forget the bombing of buses carrying civilians fleeing the warzones, the bombing of UN camps. We are dealing with a barbaric, inhumane regime. It has been witnessed, it has been documented. Europe swore it would never allow the atrocities that they partook in their two World Wars to occur again. Not only do they ignore the pleas of our people, they applaud on the sidelines!

I wish I could say I know how it would end, but frankly I don't. All the screams, all the cries, all the blood isn't enough to persuade even the highest of kings to drop a tear, let alone raise his voice.

All we could do was simply wait for the day Israel called it an end. There was no pressure to stop, nor to continue. It was up to their discretion whether we were to live or not. Fate isn't in the hands of the Palestinians. 1.5million are trapped in a prison without escape. An entire population serving life sentences without parole. It's a long wait until the gates above open, but several times a year, the Israelis offer a short cut to heaven through their mass brutality.

The Palestinians are condemned for launching home-made rockets that at best make a hole in the wall, whilst the "conventional" American crafted weapons readily deployed by the Israelis that destroy entire cities are entirely within international law.

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