Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Egypt warns Syria of US military assault

Blogger Xenophilius has revealed information from an article published in the Jordanian Al Arab Al Youm about a possible US strike on Syria.

The article apparently alleges that Egypt leaked information to Syria of a possible US military assault on the country if it did not comply with American demands in Lebanon, hence the deployment of the USS Cole to Lebanon's waters.

Syria's Foreign Minister, Al Muallem, bluffed the American move as fruitless muscle-flexing that will not deter Syria. Joshua Landis of SyriaComment wrote that the move will only strengthen Syria's resolve to oppose the US.

Will America really strike Syria?

It begs to wonder. However, if a military strike were to occur, would the US not use its already massive force stationed in neighbouring Iraq? Why would it require the deployment of a naval force? Either the US is brewing more than a strike with the deployment of this ship, as the Jordanian publication alludes, or it is simply posturing, as Hizballah and Syrian officials have dismissed.

The implications are too severe for a full-scale American military confrontation with Syria, particularly with a presidential election around the corner. With all candidates, including Republican John McCain, distancing themselves from Bush's unilateralist, belligerent approach to world affairs, Bush would be leaving a deeply sour legacy on American politics if he were to engage them in another conflict.

A military strike perhaps, a full-scale assault? Highly unlikely.

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