Friday, June 19, 2009

Me on Twitter

Since taking up my masters course in February, I have been totally consumed by studies.

I am nearing the end of the exam period, but I will be embarking on a little voyage of South East Asia in July/August before moving to Norway for a period of 6 months for further study.

So as a forewarning, my blogging and journalistic endeavours in the second half of 2009 will be just as sporadic as the first half.

HOWEVER, to balance the time consuming studies with my great urge to share my voice with the world, I am now using Twitter more frequently, particularly when major events in the region occur (i.e. Lebanese and Iranian elections).

You will notice a scroll of my Tweets to the right of the page if you are not on Twitter (and I strongly recommend you to join as it is the new phase of citizen journalism), and if you are on Twitter, please add me:

Username: antissa

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