Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Halba massacre

Callous attacks are spreading across the country, with scores of innocents falling in between the flames.

Halba, North Lebanon, witnessed some of the most atrocious of these attacks. Over 100 Future Movement supporters destroyed an SSNP office on Saturday, killed 10 execution style against a wall, and mutilated their bodies. It was discovered that the injured who went to the hospital were hunted and killed at the hospital.

What is worse is that a FM supporter was filming the atrocities as they were taking place, and these have since spread all over Lebanon, the world and YouTube. YouTube have since taken the clips down.

If March 14 were hoping that Hizballah's actions in West Beirut would have boosted their PR image, the latest atrocity in Halba will come as a serious setback as shock grips the country at the scale of the barbarism. The massacre has caused outrage.

Below are the videos of the massacre that were posted on YouTube. Please be warned the scenes are very disturbing.

Right click and save to view the videos.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

God help Lebanon!

It is with sad regret that a close family friend of mine also died in the Halba attack. He was visiting his mother in Lebanon for the first time since migrating to Australia a decade ago. His body was mutilated, his arms and legs severed after he had been killed. He leaves a young family behind in Australia.


Hala said...

Antoun, I read your post often and I want to hank you for reporting the facts. People like you are the true Lebanese media


Anonymous said...

Ya lateef.... This is the first time I see the harshness of the Lebanese people. I used to feel bad for Lebanon when Israel attacks... To c u guys how you treat the deaed/injured makes speechless and sickened ... All I can say is ya lateef... Allah yr7amon..