Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hizballah providing a telephone network for Lebanon's Shi'ites

All of a sudden, Lebanon's war-torn and impoverished southern and eastern regions are now looking rather attractive.

In a country that functions as a pseudo-anarchist state where government presence is barely felt at any level of social life, it's been revealed that Hizballah (the supposed state-within-a-state) has extended its management of its Shi'ite regions.

Not only does Hizballah provide free health care, free education and security, the apparent Lebanese Government 'accidentally' stumbled on a telephone cable network the militant/welfare organisation has established for its community.

Whereas the Lebanese under Government authority are being forced to pay in the thousands of dollars for an education, health and telecommunications, Hizballah is offering a sweeter deal for the constituents under its heads.

Such a revelation should only come as an embarrassment to the Lebanese Government who's inefficiency and mismanagement of the country can be attributed to its high levels of corruption. Unfortunately the Siniora Government didn't see it that way, and pressed ahead to label Hizballah's effectiveness in governing parts of the country as a "breach of Lebanon's sovereignty". Quite a humorous response considering Lebanon has one of the highest telecommunication rates in the world, and the state refuses to fully privatise the industry and entice foreign capital and investment because of corrupt ministers who wish to keep the cash flowing into their pockets.

Many criticise Hizballah for acting without consulting its fellow Lebanese, which is true at times, but I must say, the Lebanese Government should consider itself extremely lucky that Hizballah limits itself to the Shi'ite community.

If the state-within-a-state module can be applied to Lebanon, it'd seem the inadequate and corrupt March 14, Siniora ensemble would be the lesser entity within the more efficient and disciplined Hizballah outfit.

An organisation that gives back to its constituents, now that's the kind of organisation I'd like to see in power.

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